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Rent-to-Own Program (Select Intermediate & Pro Instruments)

This program is perfect for the player who is becoming more serious or for college students.

Rent-to-Own details:

  • Only available on select models currently in stock (stop by the store, or call for details)
  • Price based off of M.S.R.P.
    • For instruments $4,000 and under, monthly payments are around $100
    • For instruments over $4,000, monthly payments could be up to $200
  • Interest-free!
  • Terms 12 to 48 months, varies by model
  • General wear and tear maintenance included while your contract is open
  • Option to return instrument during your open contract (no refund)
  • Required to have 2 valid credit or debit cards on file at all times. All billing is done locally by Giant Steps in Chattanooga.
  • Current Rent-to-Rent customers can use their accrued discount credit toward an RTO
  • Must be 21 years old to rent, or 18 with a parent/guardian cosigning
  • Paperwork must be completed in-store at Giant Steps
  • Details subject to change at the discretion of Giant Steps