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Repair Shop

Our seasoned repair technicians have over 120 years of combined repair experience. We have the parts, tools, and know-how to get ALL band and orchestra instruments back into perfect playing condition.

From that old Mark VI tenor sax to that Bach Strad trumpet that you haven't played in over 20 years, let us make it play and look like new! Easy adjustments, complete overhauls, replating, refurbishments, or custom work--there isn't anything we can't do to make that instrument feel like the way it did the day you bought it. To see an example of our work, watch one of our videos, drop us a line, or simply come see us at the store.

Free Estimates

We don't have a "standard repair price list" on our website because we want to be as accurate as possible! Therefore, all estimates are free.

It is next to impossible to give an accurate repair estimate by email or over the phone. (Think of describing a funny sound over the phone to your car's hard to guess what the actual issue is without seeing your car!)

If you need an estimate, please bring your instrument to the store and we'll give you an accurate, free assessment, and you'll leave with the following information:

  1. What repairs your instrument needs,
  2. About how long the repairs should take,
  3. And how much the repairs should cost (sometimes a range is given).

Once your repair is ready, we can easily send you an immediate text notification with a simple click of a button.