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Repair Shop

Our seasoned repair technicians have over 150 years of combined repair experience. We have the parts, tools, and know-how to get ALL band and orchestra instruments back into perfect playing condition.

From that old Mark VI tenor sax to that Bach Stradivarius trumpet that you haven't played in over 20 years, let us make it play and look like new! Easy adjustments, complete overhauls, re-plating, refurbishments, or custom work--there isn't anything we can't do to make that instrument feel like the way it did the day you bought it. To see an example of our work, watch one of our videos, drop us a line, or simply come see us at the store.

Instrument Repair Costs, Effective Jan. 2024

Prices below are for typical estimates for basic services. Other issues may arise, so all prices are subject to change, even after the work actually begins by the technician(s). The ONLY way to receive an accurate estimate is for our qualified repair technician to see it in person inside the store. Tennessee sales tax must be added to all services (both parts and labor).

Due to the nature of the instrument repair business, do not be surprised if your official, in-store estimate differs from the prices listed below.

Giant Steps does NOT sell repair parts to the public. We have a professional shop, and we are proud to offer professional services from our shop.

Estimates are always free, so please stop by any time!

Our technicians are able to do custom work from part fabrication to custom overhauls. These custom repairs are billed at our shop rate of $85 per hour. If you have any customs needs, come by for a free estimate.

IMPORTANT: Some instruments are more difficult to work on than others. These difficult instruments can bring about an additional cost as deemed by our technicians on an individual basis. Because of this, our technicians reserve the right to decline work on any instrument.


Miscellaneous Woodwind (Prices include parts & labor)

       Individual Pad for Flute (closed hole) or Clarinet: $15.00
       Clarinet Tenon Cork: $20.00
       Bass Clarinet Tenon Cork: $25.00
       Saxophone Neck Cork: $25.00
       Key Cork: $5.00 and up
       Spring: $15.00
       Pivot Screw: $15.00
       Clarinet Cork Pads: $17.00
       Individual Pad for Flute (open hole): $15.50 white pad / $17.00 yellow pad
       Flute Head Cork: $12.00
       Piccolo Head Cork: $11.00
       Piccolo Pads (white or yellow): $15.00
       Bassoon Tenon Cork: $25.00 to $30.00
       Bassoon Bocal Cork: $25.00
       Individual Springs (flat or needle): $15.00 to $25.00
       Clarinet Tenon Replacement (plastic or wood): $250.00
       Clarinet Socket Replacement (plastic or wood): $475.00
       Clarinet Chimney Tone Hole Repair: $160.00
       Bass Clarinet Tenon Replacement: $395.00
       Bass Clarinet Socket Replacement: $695.00
       Saxophone Pads (depends on type & size): Price Upon Request

Woodwind Disassemble & Clean (Cleaning only; Parts & adjustments extra) - Polishing at additional cost upon estimate

Piccolo, Plastic: $95.00
Piccolo, Wood: $100.00
Piccolo, Metal: $125.00
Flute: $85.00
Oboe: $100.00
Bassoon: $250.00
Soprano Clarinet, Plastic: $85.00
Soprano Clarinet, Wood: $130.00 (includes oiling of the wood)
Bass Clarinet, Plastic: $340.00
Bass Clarinet, Wood: $425.00
Soprano Sax: $200.00
Alto Sax: $225.00
Tenor Sax: $250.00
Baritone Sax: $300.00
Woodwind Re-pad

Plastic (plastic head joint or metal head joint): $425.00
Metal: $450.00
Wood: $475.00 & up
Closed Hole, C Foot: $355.00
Open Hole, C Foot: $385.00
Open Hole, B Foot: $395.00
Pro-Level, with Solid Silver Body: $495.00 & up
(We do not offer re-pad work with Straubinger pads)
Clarinet (prices do not include tenon corks)
Plastic Soprano Clarinet: $330.00
Wood Soprano Clarinet: $365.00
Professional Model Wood Soprano Clarinet: $465.00 & up (extra $100.00 for cork pads, upper joint only)
Plastic Bass Clarinet: $675.00 & up
Wood Bass Clarinet: $750.00 & up
Saxophone (prices do not include key corks, springs or dent work)
Soprano: Student $695.00 / Intermediate $895.00 / Professional $1,000.00
Alto: Student $795.00 / Intermediate $950.00 / Professional $1,150.00
Tenor: Student $895.00 / Intermediate $995.00 / Professional $1,295.00
Baritone: Student $1,200.00 / Intermediate $1,350.00 / Professional $1,500.00

Oboe and Bassoon Re-pads Prices Are Estimated On An Individual Basis

Miscellaneous Brass

Rotor service: $30.00 each rotor
Piston service: $30.00 each piston
True piston or valve casing: $30.00 each
Solder joint (lead): $30.00 each
Solder joint (silver): $50.00 each
Re-string rotor: $12.00 each
Trombone slide alignment: $60.00 & up
Water key cork installed: $7.00 each
Water key springs: $10.00 each
Rotor bumpers: $7.00 each
Dent work: $85.00 per hour (charged by the minute)
Brass Chem Clean Service

Lacquer: $110.00
Silver-plated: $175.00
Mellophone/Marching French Horn
Lacquer: $125.00
Silver-plated: $225.00
French Horn
Single Horn, Lacquer/Nickel: $125.00
Single Horn, Silver-plated: $200.00
Double Horn, Lacquer/Nickel: $200.00
Double Horn, Silver-plated: $300.00
Straight Trombone, Lacquer: $100.00
Straight Trombone, Silver-plated: $140.00
Valve Trombone, Lacquer: $140.00
Valve Trombone, Silver-plated: $300.00
F-attachment Trombone, Lacquer: $140.00
F-attachment Trombone, Silver-plated: $200.00
Bass Trombone, Lacquer: $170.00
Bass Trombone, Silver-plated: $230.00
Euphonium/Baritone/Alto Horn/Tenor Horn
Lacquer, 3-valve: $140.00
Lacquer, 4-valve: $175.00
Silver-plated, 3-valve: $300.00
Silver-plated, 4-valve: $315.00
Marching Baritone
Lacquer: $130.00
Silver-plated: $275.00
Lacquer, 3-valve: $210.00
Lacquer, 4-valve: $245.00
Silver-plated, 3-valve: $350.00
Silver-plated, 4-valve: $400.00
Lacquer, 3-valve: $210.00
Lacquer, 4-valve: $245.00
Silver-plated, 3-valve: $350.00
Silver-plated, 4-valve: $400.00



     Acoustic Guitar: $40.00 plus strings
     Classical Guitar: $50.00 plus strings
     Electric Guitar: $50.00 plus strings
     Bass Guitar: $45.00 plus strings
     Ukulele: $35.00 plus strings

Miscellaneous Guitar

     Fret polishing: $85.00 (One fret at a time. Plus restring labor, plus strings.)
     Fret leveling: $250.00 plus strings (Labor includes setting the action, leveling/re-crowning/polishing frets, string setup. New strings must be installed with this service.)
     Fret replacement: We currently do not offer this service
     Nut replacement: $30.00 plus parts (**only if direct part replacement is available)
     Bridge replacement: $30.00 plus parts (**only if direct part replacement is available)
     Strap button: $35.00 each installed
     Electronics repair: $85.00 per hour plus parts