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French Horns

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Eastman Euphonium EEP321


Eastman Trombone ETB828G


Eastman Trumpet ETR522GS


Eastman Trumpet ETR522S


Eastman Trumpet ETR821S


Shires Trombone Q Series TBQ30YR


Shires Trumpet Q Series Q10RS


Shires Trumpet Q Series Q10S


Yamaha Custom Xeno Trumpet YTR-8335IIGS


Yamaha French Horn YHR-567D Double Geyer Screw-Bell


Yamaha Trombone YSL354


Yamaha Trombone YSL446G


Yamaha Trumpet YTR-6335S


Yamaha Trumpet YTR2330


Yamaha Trumpet YTR4335GSII


Eastman Euphonium EEP421


Eastman French Horn EFH463 Intermediate Double Geyer


Eastman Trombone ETB432G F-Attachment Intermediate


Eastman Trombone ETB532 F-Attachment Intermediate


Eastman Trombone ETB532G F-Attachment Intermediate


Eastman Tuba EBB226 3/4 Size BBb


Eastman Tuba EBB234 3/4 Size BBb


Yamaha Euphonium YEP201


Yamaha Euphonium YEP321S


Yamaha French Horn YHR314II Student Single


Yamaha French Horn YHR671 Professional Double Geyer