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Conn Helleberg Tuba Mouthpiece S120S

One of the preeminent low brass players of the early 1900s, August Helleberg cultivated a close working relationship with Charles G. Conn. As the chief tubist of the Sousa Band, Helleberg needed a mouthpiece that could give him the volume required to fill the largest of concert halls. After much experimentation, Conn and Helleberg masterminded the design to accomplish his goal. Today, his legendary sound lives on with C.G. Conn’s Helleberg Series mouthpieces. The 120S is one of the world’s most popular tuba mouthpieces. It’s equally well-suited for low-register playing as it is high-register playing. The 120S is an ideal choice for symphonic tubists due to its ability to coax extra volume out of the instrument. At Sweetwater, we recommend the C.G. Conn Helleberg Series 120S Tuba Mouthpiece to players searching for superb tone and outstanding volume. Original world-famous mouthpiece named after the principal tubist of the Sousa band. Produces a very deep organ-like tone with excellent volume.