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USED Constellation 7BW French Horn Mouthpiece

Used--Excellent condition. No visible ring on shank or scratches in finish.

The Mouthpieces

Connstellation mouthpieces apparently were first produced in 1962 and continued into at least the 1970's.

Instruments for which Connstellation mouthpieces were available:
Cornet, Trumpet, French horn, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Eb Bass horn, BBb Bass horn.

These mouthpieces are brass, silver plated and then partially gold plated. The last inch of the shank is not gold plated.

Available cup diameters: (3), 5, 7, 9
For trumpets and cornets, and trombones, there are three sizes: 5 (the largest), 7, and 9 (the smallest). For French horn there also is a size 3. The "feel" of these mouthpieces depends on the whether they have a "W" or "N" rim (see below); the "W" rims will feel larger than the "N" rims eventhough the mouthpiece diameter is the same. It has been suggested by more than one person that the size 7 was about the same as a Bach 7. The 5BN feels similar to a Bach 3, while the 5CW feels similar to a Bach 1½. Since the 5 and 7 sizes exist for both cornet/trumpet, trombone and French horn, it would appear the sizes are relative to size of the instrument.