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USED Curry Precision Mouthpiece Trumpet/Flugelhorn 8.5TF

USED Curry Precision Mouthpiece Trumpet/Flugelhorn 8.5TF. Lightly used, minor scratches/ring around shank where it fit into the receiver.

TF Cup: Deep/Concave-convex: Not a flugelhorn cup on a trumpet blank, but a brand-new design! It incorporates the depth of sound you get on a flugel piece without the excess cup volume that makes those style mouthpieces difficult to play. It is in tune to high C and above, yet you can play softly and firmly in the low register. Perfect for soft orchestral passages, intimate jazz settings, or for just "working out". The cup is roughly 1/3 concave (trumpet-like) and 2/3 convex (flugel-like) with a special backbore and a .153" (3.89mm) bore. To compensate for tuning, the mouthpiece is .400" shorter than the standard Curry length of 3.5" You can put this mpc. in the horn and leave your tuning slide in approximately the same position. This has also proved to be a favorite mellophone cup for many prominent Drum and Bugle Corps and Marching bands.