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USED Vincent Bach 5C Megatone Trumpet Mouthpiece

Used--Very Good. Light ring where mouthpiece fit into receiver


Elevate your trumpet playing experience with the Bach 5C Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece. This like-new, used mouthpiece, despite a few cosmetic blemishes, stands as a testament to Bach's commitment to superior craftsmanship and innovative design. The rim, cup, backbore, and shank are in superb condition, ensuring a playing experience that's as refined as it is enjoyable.

Key Features:

  • Model: Bach 5C Megatone, designed for trumpeters seeking an enriched sound experience.
  • Cup Size: 5C cup with a diameter of 16.25mm, ideal for players looking for a balanced, versatile performance.
  • Rim: Medium wide, well-rounded towards both inside and outside, fairly flat for comfortable playability.
  • Finish: Silver Plated, lending a classic and professional look.

At the core of this mouthpiece is Bach's groundbreaking Mega Tone design. By doubling the outside mass compared to standard models, the Mega Tone series significantly darkens the sound. This allows for higher dynamic playing without distortion, perfect for dynamic concert settings, pop, or jazz performances.

The 5C MegaTone Mouthpiece is renowned for its exceptional slotting capabilities. Pitches center effortlessly, ensuring reliable performance. The slightly larger throat not only reduces resistance but also enhances the overall flexibility of play. The result is a warmer, more commanding sound that adds a remarkable depth to your musical expression.

While maintaining the inner contours of the original Bach designs, the added external mass of the Mega Tone series produces a darker, richer tone. This combination of familiar playability and enhanced sound makes the 5C Megatone mouthpiece a sought-after piece among professional and aspiring players alike.