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Warburton Trumpet Backbore 8

1, 2, 3 - Our tightest commercial sounding backbores. These models have a concentrated and intense sound. The #3 is the most popular of this series. If offers a bright, projecting sound that is great for lead players and outdoor work.

4, 5, 6 - Tight to medium. With progressively less resistance, these models produce a bright and very projecting tone. The #5 is by far our most popular with strong lead players.

7, 8, 9 - Medium large sizes. The #7 has been the best selling model because it provides a good balance of sound quality acceptable in the orchestra as well as the concert band. Models #8 and #9 are very well received by the orchestra player who appreciates the increased volume of sound with less resistance.

10, 11, 12 - Very large "Symphonic" sizes. These models have very little resistance and offer the strong player the potential for the ultimate in full, rich sound.

Schilke Piccolo Trumpet - These "S" backbores were designed to enhance response on the Schilke P5-4 piccolo trumpet. They are identical to our standard cornet backbores, but have a narrower exterior taper. The most popular models are the S10 and S10-star.

KT Backbore - Added to the line in mid 1987, this backbore appeals to commercial/lead players and is characterized by its projection and secure slotting of notes above high C. The comparative resistance falls in the 4, 5, 6 series. Great for latin and commercial playing!

KT* Backbore - With all the characteristics of the above, the KT* is modified in the venturi to offer a little more open blow, which allows for a more Broadway-style lead trumpet sound!

NY Backbore - This backbore was inspired by the sound of the old Giardinelli #3 (default) backbore made popular by Maynard and others in the '70's. The New York sound was broad, bright, and acoustically loud - which are also the qualities of this backbore. Resistance is just a bit tighter than our #5.

We offer three styles of trumpet backbores:

The STANDARD Series - Our standard series models have long established themselves as the most popular choice for nearly any playing situation.

The STAR Series - These were designed to allow each of the STANDARD models to be more free blowing without the necessity of reaming to a larger bore size. This is important because the quality of sound remains the same without the risk of losing focus sometimes caused by playing of too large bore size. Since these models were made available, the medium large sizes (7* to 10*) have been very well received in the orchestral trumpet community.

The "B" Series - They are exactly like the STANDARD and STAR series internally. The only difference is in the external dimension which is slightly larger and causes a subsequent increase in the GAP. This added diameter can re-establish a functional gap distance in trumpets with worn receivers and where the mouthpiece receiver has been soldered to the lead pipe improperly.

While we recommend the use of our STANDARD series for most situations, if there is a noticeable problem with "LOCKING-IN" of the upper partials, the "B" backbore will very often rectify the problem.

Our standard shank size is designated as "C" and is only stamped with the model number or letter. We also offer "A" through "E" shank size variations, and those will be stamped with the shank size letter before the model number or letter. The different size shanks vary as listed below:

  • "A" is 0.010 inch larger than "C" (increases the GAP by 0.2 inches)
  • "B" is 0.005 inch larger than "C" and is most often used to correct the typical gap problems as described here. (increases the GAP by 0.1 inches)
  • "C" is the standard size shank which properly fits most horns.
  • "D" is 0.005 inch smaller than "C" (decreases the GAP by 0.1 inches)
  • "E" is 0.010 inch smaller than "C" (decreases the GAP by 0.2 inches)

It should be noted that sizes "A", "D", and "E" are made to order. If your horn needs one of these sizes, it may indicate that something else is wrong with the horn, such as an extremely worn receiver.