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Nicolas Parola by Gatchell Violin 4/4 (NP5)


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The NP5 is skillfully hand-crafted from well-aged tonewoods with exceptional attention to detail. It has a rich, warm, hand rubbed oil varnish finish that is highly antiqued. Up until now, instruments of this quality and level of expert antiquing would cost $ 1600.00 or more. The $ 999.00 list price for this instrument is an introductory price that resets the bar while offering the player a violin that looks like it is 100 years old. It is also easy to play and has exceptional sound, quality, and overall value.

  • Handcrafted
  • Well-aged tonewoods
  • Incredible detail
  • Warm, hand-rubbed oil varnish
  • Highly antiqued
  • Exceptional sound and quality
  • Ease of playability