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Yamaha Intermediate Flute YFL-362HY/LPGP


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Intermediate Flute; key of C; French Model; offset G; B footjoint with gizmo key; pointed key arms; sterling silver headjoint w/ gold-plated lip-plate; silver-plated body; YAC FLC-48H case; YAC FLB-400EHII cover; Indonesia.

Level   Intermediate
Key of   C
Body Style   Type-2
Body Material   Nickel Silver
Headjoint   CY Cut; Sterling Silver
Key Material   Nickel Silver
Footjoint   B with Gizmo key
Plating   Silver
Tone Holes   Drawn
Key Types   French style; Open-hole
Key System   Offset
Key Mechanism   N/A
Spring Type   Stainless Steel
Screw Type   Straight; Headed Pivot
Bumper Type   Neoprene
Options   With gold-plated lip-plate (YFL-362H/LPGP)

MSRP: $ 2,073.00