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Woodwind Instruments Used

Alto Saxophones
Baritone Saxophones
Bb Clarinets
Soprano Saxophones
Tenor Saxophones

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Demo Model Eastman ESS642-BS Soprano Saxophone


Gemeinhardt 3B Open-Hole Flute w/ Silver Headjoint


Gemeinhardt 3SHB Open Hole Inline Flute (Gold Lip Plate)


Gemeinhardt M2 Closed Hole Flute


Leblanc Noblet 45 Bb Clarinet Wood


Selmer Bundy II Alto Saxophone


Selmer U.S.A. 1244 Tenor Saxophone


Used Armstrong 303B-OS Open Hole Flute


Used Armstrong Closed Hole Flute


Used Armstrong Closed Hole Flute


Used Armstrong Piccolo


Used Artley 18-0 Closed Hole Flute


Used Buescher 'C-Melody' Saxophone


Used Buescher Alto Saxophone


Used Buffet B12 Bb Clarinet


Used Buffet Crampon Closed Hole Flute


Used Buffet Crampon R13 Professional Bb Clarinet


Used Buffet E45 Bb Clarinet


Used Bundy Bb Clarinet


Used Bundy Bb Clarinet


Used Bundy Bb Clarinet


Used Conn 'Low Pitch' Tenor Saxophone


Used Conn 24M Alto Sax


Used Conn Alto Saxophone "Half Naked Lady"


Used E.L. Deford Flute


Used Eastman EAS640-BS Alto Saxophone


Used Eastman Tenor Sax ETS640-GL


Used Gemeinhardt 33SB Flute (Solid Silver Head, Body, and Foot)


Used Gemeinhardt 3B Inline Open Hole Flute


Used Gemeinhardt 3B Open Hole Flute


Used Gemeinhardt 3S Solid Silver Open Hole C Foot Flute


Used Gemeinhardt 730 Open Hole Flute (C Foot)


Used Gemeinhardt Flute 2SP


Used Gemeinhardt Flute AFL-31OB Artisan


Used Gemeinhardt Model 3 Open Hole Flute (C-Foot)


Used Jupiter JFL-507 Closed Hole Flute


Used King Cleveland Alto Saxophone


Used King Empire Alto Saxophone


Used King Tempo Bb Clarinet


Used Martin Baritone Saxophone (Low Bb)


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