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Used Conn 'Low Pitch' Tenor Saxophone


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This instrument as well as any included accessories/case are being sold AS IS. Giant Steps Music has not performed any repairs on it; the instrument has a musty smell and needs a repad.

**Note, this instrument is Low Pitch, so you will most likely NOT be able to play in tune within a group.

Our saxophone tech is the owner of Giant Steps, Mike Bauer, and he made the following notes after looking over the instrument:

1. The neck does look slightly egged, but definitely good for a 106 year old horn!
2. Bell brace to body has been resoldered.
3. D palm key post under key spatula has been resoldered.
4. Side F# lower post has been resoldered.
5. Low Eb guard top arm has been resoldered.
6. Low C guard--center post has been resoldered.
7. There are 3 small dents on the bow dime size or smaller. There are 5-6 pencil lead size nicks on the bow.

Mike says there are no other visible nicks or dents on the body. He also says that the body is a good candidate for an overhaul.