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Used Buescher 'C-Melody' Saxophone


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NOTE: this saxophone is in the key of C, so it is NOT appropriate for the typical student looking for an Eb alto sax or a Bb tenor sax.
The body of this Buescher C-Melody Saxophone is in pretty good condition. However, please see the notes below:

  • The instrument is missing a right hand palm key lever (C).
  • The instrument does not have any pads, so it needs to be completely repadded.
  • There is a rather musty smell in the case/horn, so it needs to be fully cleaned and polished when the horn is repadded. We recommend finding a new case.
  • The neck needs a cork.
  • Includes used case and a used mouthpiece.

The instrument, case, and mouthpiece are all sold completely AS IS.