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Otto Link Vintage Model Hard Rubber Tenor Sax Mouthpiece 6*

To commemorate jj Babbitt’s 90th anniversary in 2009, the Otto Link Vintage Series Tenor sax mouthpieces were released. To recapture the Link sound of generations past, changes in the body shape, bore, chamber, baffle and side rails were incorporated.

Otto Link Vintage is available in the same standard tip openings as current Otto Link models. Choose a metal mouthpiece with 24-karat gold plating or a hard rubber model. Each mouthpiece is individually serial numbered and comes with a ligature and cap. We listened when you asked for ‘the sound’ and playability of the early Otto Links. Get it with our new Vintage tenor mouthpieces.

Otto Link Vintage – Rubber

 Tenor Sax
#4 .070
4* .075
#5 .080
5* .085
#6 .090
6* .095
#7 .100
7* .105
#8 .110
8* .115