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Superslick SlicKit for Trombone Slides


  • SuperSlick Trombone Cream
  • Plus Slide Treatment
  • Empty Pocket Size Slide Sprayer (2 fl oz)

SuperSlick musical instrument care and maintenance products are designed, tested, and used by performing musicians. They provide dependable, long-lasting service when used as directed. Good design concepts, top-quality raw materials, and attention to detail help each SuperSlick product perform for you exactly as advertised.

SuperSlick Trombone Cream is the cornerstone of SuperSlick's 25-year reputation. Regular usage provides butter-smooth, silent slide action, day in, day out.

For even smoother action use the silicon slide additive Plus Slide Treatment with SuperSlick Trombone Cream. Just a drop on each stocking enhances cream action and endurance. 

The Pocket Size Slide Sprayer is empty and can be filled with water to activate lubricant when sprayed on the slide.