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Yamaha Bass Clarinet YCL-221II


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Level   Standard Bass
Key   Bb
Fingering   Boehm
Key System   20 keys, 7 covered finger holes
Barrel Length   N/A
Body Material   Matte ABS Resin, 2 piece
Barrel Material   Nickel silver
Bell Material   Nickel silver
Key Material   Nickel silver
Plating   Nickel
Bore   Molded
Tone Holes   Straight
Thumb Rest   Adjustable
Mouthpiece   Yamaha 4C
Mouthpiece Cap   Plastic
Ligature   Nickel-plated
Spring Type   Blue steel needle
Pad Type   Tan leather with tone boosters
Posts   Threaded
Options   N/A

MSRP: $ 3,573.00