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Yamaha YTR-4335GSII Intermediate Bb Trumpet


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The YTR-4335GII/4335GSII features a gold-brass bell that produces a richer, wider range of tonal colors. Durable yet light, the bell promotes easy endurance while playing. The richness of tone quality and freeblowing feel make this trumpet a great vehicle for those players looking to take their performance to the next level.
  • Intermediate Trumpet
  • Key of Bb
  • Silver-plated
  • 0.459" bore
  • 4-7/8" gold brass bell
  • Monel alloy pistons
  • 1st valve slide thumbhook
  • 3rd valve slide ring
  • Main tuning slide brace
  • TRC-400E case
  • 11B4 mouthpiece

MSRP: $ 2,994.00